To book a table for up to 2 for a 3 hour session, we ask that you pay in advance for a £10 reservation fee. The reservation fee will be deducated from the bill which we ask customers to pay prior to vacating the table. We are operating a card only contacless bar. 

Saturday 1 August 2-5PM Table Reservation for 2

SKU: 1-08 2-5 TRV 2
  • We are reopening the Tasting Room in a covid-safe environment inline with UK Government policy. To ensure customers can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment, we have put some basic but important rules in place including limiting our customer numbers using an advanced booking system. 


    - Upon entering the Tasting Room please follow guidance displayed by the door and around the building

    - Toilets are limited to a one in one out, please follow this guidance 

    - Wash hands after your visit and bin any tissues, sanitary products using the bins provided

    - Use hand sanitiser as provided on the tables

    - Do not approach the bar - we will provide table service to a) take orders, b) collect glasses, c) clean tables 

    - Please cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough

  • For full transparancy, Carnival Brewing Company is bound by UK Government guidance to keep customer details on file for up to 21 days from point of booking. This is to ensure that if any local outbreaks are detected, details can be shared with the nationwide covid detect, track and trace system.


    After the 21 day period your booking details will be deleted.