Born from our love of crisp and clean lager biers, NELSON'S PILSNER is our take on a modern pils beer - we use pilsner and wheat malts and cool ferment with a fantastic Czech lager yeast, then cold conditioned the beer for five weeks. The resulting beer is refreshing, slightly malty with a touch of honey sweetness to satisfy the pallet.

Originally brewed as Smithdown Pilsner for a previous chapter in our brewery's history, NELSON'S PILSNER is brewed in honour of our new mascot as he beds himself in as part of the Carnival family.

Nelson's Pilsner - 4.7% Czech-Style Pilsner - 440ml Crowler Fill

  • We do our utmost to ensure an oxygen-free Crowler fill. We recommend you consume this beer within 4 days of receiving.