All Clouds Are Silver (Idaho 7) - 4.7% Pale Ale
The latest iteration of our beer for optimists, All Clouds Are Silver, sees our first version in a can. We are delighted to bring a tasting room and pub favourite into small pack!
We used our usual pale barley and wheat malt bill, fermented with our house pale yeast combination then dry hopped with loads of this year's Idaho 7 crop. We love this amazingly aromatic and delicious hop.
The resulting beer is a super light, easy drinking pale ale with huge waves of tropical fruits, pineapple and guava.

All Clouds Are Silver (Idaho 7) - Pale - 440ml

  • Malted barley, wheat, oats and Gluten

  • We store All Clouds Are Silver in the cellar to keep it cold while in transit, so it gets to you in optimal condition. For best results we recommend you store in the fridge and drink within six months of purchase.