Living in a world with COVID-19 is taking some adjustment.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Our lives have been turned upside down; some people have taken heed of the public health warnings broadcast each and every day – a call for social isolation, pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas to close, no mass gatherings, school closures and postponement of festivals are all necessary measures. Others haven’t, either thinking COVID-19 doesn’t pose a personal risk to them, or some sort of nihilistic view of life in which they don't care whether they catch the disease or not.

These measures are necessary but will have a fractious and in some cases devastating effect on peoples' livelihoods. Many lives and businesses are living week-to-week, building up enough working capital to pay the next quarter’s rent and utility bills, staffing costs, raw materials, business rates, logistics and distribution. A forced closure and ceasing of trading will eat into reserves and no doubt lead to job loses, and, for businesses which are over-leveraged with debt, sadly the end.

So far the UK government has offered glimmers of hope for business. A hastily put together budget by new chancellor Rishi Sunak was quickly bolstered with a range of additional support measures because, quite rightly, the first budget was insufficient and the business community and unions pushed back asking the measures to go deeper, faster. People with little or no prospect of maintaining employment fear of losing everything.

As a fledgling business (we started trading in December 2019), we are looking at this in a number of ways. First of all is the health and safety of our people. One of our team is currently poorly and we wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. We also want to ensure not a single member of our small team loses their job. To do this, we need to adapt quickly. COVID-19 beat us to completing our first canning run – we wanted to ensure our beers were as we’d like them before filling our first can. We’ve received resounding feedback from Tasting Room customers, trade customers and their patrons so we’re confident now to start canning. We will do everything we can to sure we can still ahead with canning all the beer we have in our tanks so that we are ready to take on the next challenging few months.

Of course the Tasting Room will remain shut while it’s unsafe for public gatherings, however we are taking immediate measures to ensure the beer we have in stock isn’t wasted. From the week commencing 23rd March we will be offering a local(ish) home delivery service for Carnivaliers who wish to drink our beer fresh. If you live in Merseyside and want to order from us, let us know. Once our first tank beers are canned, we will be offering a full UK-wide online shop direct to customers for home delivery. This again is something we weren’t yet planning to do but, like all other businesses, we’ve had to adapt and evolve…quickly! We’ve put on hold a special collaboration beer brewed with Fuerst Wiacek in Berlin, but this will be launched in due course.

What happens next isn’t clear. We wish all of our trade customers all the best and will do what we can to support them over the coming weeks and months. We live in a shared ecosystem; our lives depend on each other in some way, and we must all be prepared to make sacrifices to ensure we can continue our lives as safely and prosperously as possible.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay hopeful, look after each other and be kind.

Carnival Dom

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