And so it begins

Some people say setting up a UK micro brewery in 2018 is madness. 1,994 breweries now exist in the UK (at time of writing), a growth of 18% in 2016 alone and an astonishing 65% increase in five years. The rise in popularity of craft beer in the UK is nothing short of miraculous, as consumers of dark, fruity, hoppy, hazy, bananary, sour and yeasty beverages start to turn their backs on the tasteless, often poorly stored and mindlessly boring macro brands that have run rampant in the UK for decades. The industry has been changing as consumers demand something more. We have been involved in that change - albeit as consumers and advocates - and we think there's room for us too, as we are inspired by the trailblazers of the new generation of UK brewers.

Carnival Brewing Company has been an evolving project since me and Ade met last year at a local fund raising event when a mutual friend introduced us. I have been trying to open a brewery for a couple of years, Ade wanted to get involved and so beautiful things started to happen. More about this in a future post...

Urban Shaker Oatmeal Stout label, Illustrated by Eliza Griffin

We are only at the first stage of the journey. Writing recipes, test brewing and re-brewing, tweaking recipes, developing a house yeast style, finding a venue and brewhouse, developing our brand and building pre-sales. Over the coming months Carnival will start showing up in your local craft beer establishments, your favourite independent restaurants and craft beer festivals.

We're passionate about great beer and we look forward to sharing our creations with you.

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