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Carnival Newsletter Edition 4

Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of the Carnival Newsletter!

In this edition:

  1. Beer: Here, There, Anywhere

  2. Taproom Update & Pop-Up Food

  3. An Interview with Ed Czarnecki, Head Brewer at Carnival

  4. Brew Schedule

  5. Homebrew Recipe for 'Star Spangled Banana Split'

1. Beer: Here, There, Anywhere

So what are your plans for this weekend and next? A further adjustment to England's lockdown protocol has just come into force, but it is still business as usual for us unless restrictions are tightened further. Have a look at section two below for more info on how we're dealing with this.

Plenty of cans to go at on our web store if you're staying at home, or if you are venturing out, swing by our taproom for some safe, socially distanced beers, great vibes and some amazing food from Yumyummanc.

Click this to see the cans on our web store

Click this to see the cans on our web store

2. Taproom Update & Pop-Up Food

Since reopening after the lockdown in July, our taproom has been admitting groups of six or less as a rule. Therefore, the latest changes to the Government's rules are already covered by our risk assessment and robust protocols. So it's business as usual for us every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At least until the Government informs us otherwise.

So, what new beer are we releasing? It's the latest iteration of our beer for optimists, All Clouds Are Silver. This time around we're showcasing the delicious and super fruity pairing of Amarillo and Galaxy hops. Hazy, chewy and optimistically sublime!

Also, on Friday and Saturday this weekend, we have a rather exciting food pop-up all the way from sunny Manchester. Yumyummanc specialise in Peruvian and Latin American street food and will be serving up the following:

  • Peruvian cancha corn

  • Grilled corn, chipotle mayo, tortilla crumb

  • Pollo a la brasa tacos, Peruvian yellow chilli sauce, salsa criolla and fresh cheese

  • Sweet potato taco, confit garlic and coriander aioli, veg cortido and corn nuts

  • Loaded street taters w/ spicy braised pork, Peruvian yellow chilli sauce, cheese and bits

3. An Interview With Ed Czarnecki, Head Brewer at Carnival Brewing Co

This time around, let's catch up with Ed, our head brewer.

Q: How long have you worked in the beer industry and where did you work before Carnival?

A: I have worked in the brewing industry for around 8 years now but have been homebrewing for 10 years. I started my craft in a small local brewery close to where I live. I quickly realized that I did not like the bland beer I produced and wanted the chance to experiment, and by joining Carnival I have been given opportunity to brew the wonderful beer I produce today.

I started homebrewing in 2010 and have been supplying my friends and family ever since, some good and of course some bad but it all got drunk! With my homebrew knowledge and the desire to try new things, I feel brewing allows me to use the whacky and artistic side of my brain, something I wasn’t able to do at my previous brewery job. Brown flat water springs to mind!

I’m very much a family man with three wonderful girls and an understanding wife, who doesn’t - by the way - like the smell of me coming home in the evening. The smell of hops and malt seem to be off-putting to her, but I absolutely love the raw smell of a super dank hop. After all, she cannot complain as she started me on the path of brewing by first introducing me to a homebrew kit one Christmas. I am afraid, my love, that you are the one to blame for my passion and whacky beer thoughts!

When coming up with different styles of beer, I like to add creative touches with massively hopped layers that allow the drinker to be able to find new flavours, variation and undertones in my beer. I personally love to drink many styles of beers. By my physique you can tell I do not struggle growing a beer belly. But in regards to my comedy beard, I certainly do struggle! I will continue in my quest for a full beard. After all, this is the unwritten law of brewing.

Being involved from the very start in Ade’s garage, brewing our signature Macau, I have seen the wonderful journey all the way through. Our 10Hl brewhouse and ambitious plans for the future are a welcoming reality in the strange times we are living in.

I’m honoured to be Head Brewer of Carnival and look forward to the future.

Remember guys you are a Carnivalier, drink local, drink fresh and most importantly drink craft!

Q: Which Carnival beer are you most proud of so far?

A: I’m most proud of my mango sour, Alfonso. It is divine. But for session-heads, you can’t beat Carmen. As Mosaic pale ales go, Carmen is in my opinion a banging, balanced beer with a f***k-ton of Mosaic used at dry hop. You can literally smell the dank once cracking into a can. You stoners know what I’m talking about.

Q: What is your favourite hop?

A: This is a tough one, I love Mosaic and big hitting Simcoe. You can save your Bramling Cross, not interested.

So yeah, big powerful flavoursome hops are my thing. I would say Simcoe is my fave at present, but it changes quite often.

Q: What is your favourite beer style to drink?

A: Favourite beer style? Easy one, I like IPAs. Double, triple or session - I like the lot. I love the dank, resinous flavours.

Q: Is there a whacky beer style that you'd like to have a try at brewing?

A: I’d like to brew a ‘Scouse’ beer, slamming loads of meat and gravy into the mix(!?). I would also like to experiment with adding vegetables and superfoods to my beer. As we all know beer is good for the soul and with the added benefits of greens and superfoods, could end up as one of your 5 a day (don’t tell the Portman Group!).

Please drink responsibly of course (I must remember this myself).

Q: Music is important to us all at the brewery. What tunes and music styles do you bring to the mix?

A: I’m a big hip hop fan. If you’re around the brewery you can hear me ‘spitting bars’ (or trying) to my favourite old school artists. Also, UK Grime is up and coming and I love to listen to that.

Q: What would be your ideal event to host at the brewery?

A: I would love love love to be able to do a collaboration with legend and owner of

Dogfish Head, Sam Calagione. His 120 Minute IPA is a masterclass. Having him here in Liverpool at Carnival would be a dream come true.

4. Brew Schedule

Here's the brewing schedule for this week and next (subject to change):

Week Commencing 07/09/2020

  • Carmen - 4.0% Mosaic Pale Ale. Cask & Keg.

  • Name TBC - West Coast DIPA - Approx 8.0% ABV. Keg.

We're racking and packaging a lot over the coming week or two, so not much else to report on the brewing side this week.

5. Homebrew Recipe - Star Spangled Banana Split

This gorgeous pale ale takes our Macau recipe and tweaks it with loads of banana puree, hazelnut and vanilla.

The Star Spangled Banana are the Liverpool-based pioneers of bubble-grunge.


Banana and Praline Milkshake Pale 5.4% ABV | 25.3 IBU | SRM 5.2

Based on a brewhouse efficiency of 70%

OG 1.054

FG 1.013


2kg Torrified Wheat 

2.5kg Vienna Malt 

2kg Rolled Oats

500g Lactose Powder or 3L of Oat Milk


30g Magnum T90

100g Mandarina Bavaria T90

WATER TREATMENT (add dry to grist prior to mashing)



11g Nottingham Yeast (hydrated in sterile 35c water 2 hours prior to pitching)


1kg of banana puree

1kg of hazelnut paste

5 tablespoons of bourbon vanilla extract


  • Mash in per usual reaching a sacch rest temperature of 67c

  • Mash for 60 minutes

  • Raise temperature to mash out for 10 mins @ 77c

  • Sparge gently with 7-8L of 77c liquor

  • Bring to the boil, adding Magnum hops at 80c

  • Boil for 60 minutes

  • If using, add lactose 10 minuntes before the end of the boil. Alternatively, for a vegan recipe, add 3L of Oatmilk at the same point but reduce brewing liquor by 1L

  • Chill to 80c and add 100g Mandarina Bavaria and continue to chill to yeast pitching temp

  • Transfer to fermenting vessel and airate to maximise early yeast activity

  • Pitch yeast and cover. Ferment at 20-22c

  • Once gravity is at 1014-15, commence cooling

  • Crash cool to 2 degrees Celsius

  • Add 1kg of banana puree, 1kg of hazelnut paste and 5 tablespoons of bourbon vanilla extract

  • Continue conditioning for 5 days and carefully rack to keg or bottling bucket.

P.S. If you give this a whirl on your home kit, we'd love to see your results. Feel free to send us pics, videos, or even bring us a sample and we can have a natter over it!

Have a great week.


Neil Ashton

(Sales & Development for Carnival Brewing Co)

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