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Carnival Newsletter Edition 3

Hello and welcome to the third edition of the Carnival Newsletter!

In this edition:

  1. Fresh Cans This Week - Juice Incoming

  2. 'Tikka Chance On Me' Back At The Taproom

  3. An Interview with Neil Ashton, Sales and Development at Carnival

  4. Brew Schedule

  5. Homebrew Recipe for 'Macau'

1. Fresh Cans

Our next canned beers will be packaged tomorrow, Thursday 27th August. They'll be made available on our web store as soon as the beer is in can, ready for the bank holiday weekend.

Keep your eyes on the webstore, or on our social media feeds to find out when they are live.

Click this to visit our web store

Eventuality Forever - 5.5% NEIPA

Bright lights keep on shining, bright juicy hops keep us pining, this intergalactic IPA takes us to a Galaxy far, far away and creates a stellar journey for our tastebuds thanks to rocketloads of Galaxy and Cascade. We fermented with English ale yeast to max out the fruitiness and keep things hazy and juicy.

Forever Ever, Forever Ever - 6.6% NEIPA

A super juicy New England style IPA, brewed with oats, oat malt, wheat and extra pale barley. We fermented it with our house IPA yeast blend, whirlpooled with Citra and Ekuanot. We then dry hopped with lots of Citra T90, Columbus T90 and Simcoe T90. It's thick, hazy, with well-balanced sweetness and a heady, fruity hop aroma

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2. 'Tikka Chance On Me' Back Once Again

Our good friend Michael from Tikka Chance On Me is back with us again this weekend at the taproom!

If you haven't had chance to try his amazing Indian-inspired food yet, we implore you to mosey on down to the taproom for some choice food and beer pairings.

Here's a look at what will be on offer on Friday and Saturday this weekend:

3. An Interview With Neil Ashton, Head of Sales & Development at Carnival Brewing Co

Yep, I'm about to interview myself.... (other people chose the questions, honest!)

Q: Tell us about your love of beer

A: Oh lordy, how long have you got? I’ve been absolutely obsessed with beer since my Grandad gave me a taste of his bitter when I was very young (probably John Smith’s, Tetley’s or Stones Bitter). I had to generally make do with bitter shandy until my mid-teens, when, ya know, a standard cheap macro lager phase began.

Then, I was introduced to ‘real ale’ by a great friend and St Helens beer legend Derrick Jones. From there I diversified into German and Belgian styles (I’m still sobering up from all the Erdinger and Paulaner in my early 20s).

And then there was the magical day that my wife and I dropped on to a tap takeover at the Pied Bull in Chester, featuring a new, relatively unknown set up at the time…. Cloudwater Brew Co! My love for modern UK ‘craft’ beer began that day and it still rages wildly every single day. Beer is my hobby, my passion and my work.

Q: How long have you been working in the beer industry, and where did you work before joining Carnival?

A: I’ve been working in the beer industry since August 2017, when I opened up CatHop Beers bottle shop in St Helens. Sadly, that venture is now defunct, but I learned an awful lot in a short period and gained a lot of useful contacts, which I’ve been able to bring to the table at Carnival.

Q: What does your current role at Carnival entail?

A: Since joining in January 2020, my official title has been Head of Sales & Development. I predominantly look after getting our awesome nectar out to the public, trade and wholesalers. From initial contact through to delivery of kegs/casks/cans/web orders, and on to aftersales service and handling of feedback.

But I absolutely love helping out the brewing team where I can. There’s something oddly satisfying about squeegeeing the brewery floor! I also don’t mind digging out a mash tun and getting covered in porridge.

Canning days are ace too, as I get to be involved in the thick of things, immersed in the aromas and banter of canning day.

We have a great team here at Carnival and I love to help out anywhere I can really.

Q: Music is a big part of life at the brewery. What genres do you fly the flag for?

A: There are some mad tunes played daily in the brewery, I couldn’t even tell you what the genre is called, let alone the artist or song name!

But generally speaking, I am all about the metal. For me, the genre and its sub-genres pair perfectly with beer. From the older school NWOBHM stuff like Saxon, Maiden, Sabbath, Priest, through to ear-destroying blasts from Napalm Death, Gorerotted, Akercocke, and onto more modern and obscure folk/power/speed metal bands like The HU, Gloryhammer, Alestorm. Also, a good whack of thrash/crossover from the likes of Pantera, Slayer, Gama Bomb and Municipal Waste.

Q: What has been your favourite Carnival beer so far and why?

A: Before lockdown, I would have said We Are Diamonds every day of the week. But in the last few months, we’ve brewed so many awesome beers in so many styles that it’s hard to say. I’m currently loving the Maple Swoon as I’m a big fan of darker dessert beers. Plus…. maple syrup!

Q: Is there a specific beer idea that you'd love to brew?

A: I once had an Italian beer – sorry, the brewery name escapes me – brewed with fresh tobacco. The roasty richness worked really well in a dark beer, so I’d love to try something like that at Carnival, but with a Carnival twist of course.

Q: Favourite place for bevs in Liverpool?

A: There are so many great places for beer right now! Of course, chilling in our taproom is a firm favourite, but Black Lodge have a pretty cool set up at their taproom, Ship & Mitre have an outstanding variety of beer available, Albert’s Schenke is a delight, Turncoat’s bar on the docks is amazing with great pizzas. So many to choose from.

Q: Do you have a favourite hop?

A: It is hard to pick just one, but maybe Mosaic. Sabro has been used pretty impressively of late too.

Q: What would be your dream event to host at the tap room?

A: I’d love to see a heavy metal night at the taproom occasionally. Choice beers and food, with a couple of bands blasting out some headbangers and a DJ who knows their stuff.

4. Brew Schedule

Here's this week's brew schedule, subject to change:

Week Commencing 24/08/2020

  • Carmen - 4.0% Mosaic Pale. Cask & Keg.

  • R<1 - 2.6% Simcoe Table Beer. Cask & Keg.

  • Smithdown Pilsner - 4.5% Pilsner. Keg.

5. Homebrew Recipe - Macau

Macau is our Oat Cream Pistachio Pale. Brewed with oat milk, loads of rolled oats and torrified wheat for a smooth, silky body with a deep roast coffee in the whirlpool. We then add pistachio tincture after fermentation. Catering pistachio paste is also suitable for the job.

Not suitable for people with nut allergies sadly, but totally vegan-friendly!

MACAU - 25 LITRES (All Grain) 5.4% ABV | 32 IBU | SRM 5.4

Based on a brewhouse efficiency of 70%

OG 1.055

FG 1.014


3kg Golden Promise Pale Malt

1kg Torrified Wheat 

2kg Rolled Oats

500g Carafoam / Dextrin Malt


35g Magnum (FWH @ 80c)

WATER TREATMENT (add dry to grist prior to mashing)



11g Danstar Nottingham (hydrated in sterile 35c water 2 hours prior to pitching)


225g of a dark roast coffee ideally coarsely ground

Pistachio addition - option 1 (relatively time consuming)

Make a tincture using the following process: 

- roast 200g of whole deshelled Pistachio nuts for 20mins

- leave to cool and crush

- add to a kilner jar and submerge in a decent vodka until covered  

- Leave for 2 weeks prior to brewday in a cool, dark cupboard

-- After 2 weeks, drain the tincture into a sanitised saucepan

- Add 200ml of boiling water, rinsing the pistachio nuts

- Bring to the boil and boil for 20 mins until the Vodka is no longer present,

- Set aside and cool

- Using a filter paper or fine mesh, drain the tincture into a sanitised container

- Securely seal container

- Place in a freezer until the day you need to cool your beer prior to packaging

Pistachio addition - option 2 (quick and easy)

- Buy 1kg of catering pistachio paste - ensuring it is 100% pure with no additions


  • Mash in per usual reaching a sacch rest temperature of 67c

  • Mash for 60 minutes

  • Sparge at 77c for 10 mins and collect 28-29 Litres of wort at 1.055

  • Bring to the boil, add bittering hops at 80c

  • Boil for 60 minutes

  • Chill to 80c and add whirlpool hops

  • When cooling the wort, using a muslin bag fill your coarsley ground coffee in the bag and add to the wort @ 80c to avoid astringent flavours

  • Keep bag in the copper moving occasionally, squeezing and dipping like a tea bag - make sure none of the coffee leaves the bag

  • Chill further to pitching temperature and transfer to fermenter remembering to oxygenate wort

  • Ferment at 20c for 5 days and a steady finishing gravity is achieved

  • (If applicable, defrost pistachio tincture the day before crash cooling)

  • Crash cool to 2 degrees Celsius

  • If you're able to remove yeast do so now

  • Add tincture, being careful not to splash too much to avoid oxidisation

  • Return to crash cool temp and package the following day

P.S. If you give this a whirl on your home kit, we'd love to see your results. Feel free to send us pics, videos, or even bring us a sample and we can have a natter over it!

Have a great week.


Neil Ashton

(Sales & Development for Carnival Brewing Co)

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