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Carnival Newsletter Edition 2

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hello and welcome to the second edition of the Carnival Newsletter!

In this edition:

  1. Fresh Cans!

  2. 'Tikka Chance On Me' Return to our Taproom

  3. An Interview with Matt Foster, Brewer at Carnival

  4. Upcoming Brew Schedule

  5. Homebrew Recipe for 'R<1'

1. Fresh Cans!

Our first can releases since lockdown are ready to rock!

Click this to buy them from our web store

Carmen - 4.0% Pale Ale

Soft, fruity and full of heavenly Mosaic aroma; ripe peaches, mango and apricot. Carmen is Carnival's signature Pale Ale. We developed a soft water profile, used an oat and wheat-heavy malt bill and finished with English ale yeast. And of course, a Mosaic dry hopping post fermentation.

We Are Diamonds - 6.1% IPA

We Are Diamonds is an IPA for those who love tropical fruit and want their beer to pack a punch. We brewed it with a super pale bill, full of oats and torrified wheat to add body. Simcoe in the copper, fermentation using our house IPA yeast blend and dry hopping at each end of fermentation with Simcoe, Amarillo and Ekuanot.

Alfonso - 4.2% Sour Ale With Mango

A Berliner Weisse style beer brewed to our house recipe, then infused with Alphoso mango pulp and dry hopped with Mosaic.

We added as much fruit as we could physically fit into the vessel, so this beer has a gloriously thick and smooth body and an absolutely huge hit of mango.

Pash Pash - 4.2% Sour Ale With Passion Fruit

As with Alfonso, Pash Pash is in the Berliner Weisse style, this time blended with a scandalous amount of passion fruit.

Originally brewed for a friend's very special birthday, we just couldn't leave this as a one-off.

Click this to buy them from our web store

2. 'Tikka Chance On Me' Return to our Taproom

We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we've had from customers visiting our taproom. The opening two weekends have been safe, happy, beery and had an amazing vibe. Thank you to everyone who has been down and we look forward to seeing more of you in the coming weeks.

This coming weekend sees the return of pop-up food outlets at the brewery taproom. This Friday and Saturday, we are delighted to welcome back our friends from down the M62, Tikka Chance On Me! Absolutely top notch Indian-inspired food (that we may have gorged on a few times during lockdown...). Here's a look at what will be on offer on Friday and Saturday this weekend:

3. An Interview With Matt Foster, Brewer at Carnival Brewing Co

Q: How long have you been working in the beer industry, and where did you work before joining Carnival?

A: I've been working in the industry for about five years now. I started with stacking pallets and filling bottles at Mad Hatter.

Q: Favourite place for bevs in Liverpool?

A: I used to really like the Clove Hitch when it was open, but seem to be at Kitchen Street a lot these days.

Q: Music is a big part of life at the brewery. What genres do you fly the flag for?

A: l usualy try to bash some NTS radio on, it's good stuff. I'm big on rapper Manga Saint Hilaire at the moment, check him out.

Q: What has been your favourite Carnival beer so far and why?

A: Probably the (new) Alfonso cos its a special one and I love mango. Infact you could say Alfonso is enough to make a MANGO crazy....

Q: Given where you have worked previously, is there a specific beer idea that you'd love to brew?

A: I saw something on TV the other day about Malay desert soy, caramel and ginger. I wouldn't mind looking at that one when it gets a bit colder.

Q: Do you have a favourtie beer style to brew or drink?

A: Gotta love the sours.

Q: Do you have a favourite hop?

A: Love to all hops equally!

Q: What would be your dream event to host at the tap room?

A: Lord of the Rings drinking games.

3. Upcoming Brew Schedule

So what do we have planned beer-wise? Here's our current and upcoming brew schedule (subject to change):

Week Commencing 10/08/2020

  • Deck 7 - 4.6% Blueberry & Maple Gose. Cans.

  • Pracatán - 4.6% Lime Margarita Gose. Cans.

Week Commencing 17/08/2020

  • Name TBC - Pilsner. Keg.

  • Name TBC - West Coast DIPA. Cans.

  • Name TBC - IPA. Cans.

4. Homebrew Recipe - R<1

Table beers are a great way to enjoy a refreshing and flavoursome beer, without the worry of a delicate head in the morning. R<1 was our first table beer we brewed during lockdown on our pilot kit and a sure fire hit with our customers.

R<1 is simcoe heavy, giving the finished beer a delightful hazy appearance, and a fresh piney, resinous finish. To build the body up in the base beer we steeped rolled oats in the mash liquor for 20 mins to release all the thick proteins prior to adding the barley and wheat for the full mash. We fermented fairly dry and carbed up to 2.5 vols co2 to give the beer a spritzy and sparkly finish.

R<1 - 25 LITRES (All Grain) 2.6% ABV | 35 IBU | SRM 3.00

Based on a brewhouse efficiency of 70%

OG 1.028

FG 1.008


1.2kg milled Maris Otter Pale Malt

1.2kg milled Torrified Wheat

1kg rolled oats (ideally Irish)


Brewday hopping:

10g Magnum T90 FWH (12.5AA)

50g Simcoe T90 whirlpool @ 80c

Dry hopping:

200g Simcoe T90 after fermentation has completed

Drop temperature to cold crash until beer clear

WATER TREATMENT (add dry to grist prior to mashing)

5g Gypsum

10g Calcium Chloride


11g Fermentis Safale S-04


  • Add rolled oats first and let them steep for 10 mins prior to adding the rest of the grist

  • Mash in using strike water at your usual temperature range, and aim to have a settled mash temperature of 66c

  • Mash for 60 minutes

  • Sparge at 77c for 10 mins and collect 28-29 Litres of wort at 1.028

  • Bring to the boil, add bittering hops at 80c

  • Boil for 60 minutes

  • Chill to 80c and add whirlpool hops

  • Chill further to pitching temperature and transfer to fermenter remembering to oxygenate wort

  • Ferment at 20c for 5 days and a steady finishing gravity is achieved

  • Move into your cooling environment and drop temp to 8c - if you're able to remove yeast do so now

  • Add dry hop charge and drop temperature to 2c

  • After 2 days package trying to remove oxygen uptake where feasible

P.S. If you give this a whirl on your home kit, we'd love to see your results. Feel free to send us pics, videos, or even bring us a sample and we can have a natter over it!

Have a great week.


Neil Ashton

(Sales & Development for Carnival Brewing Co)

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