Carnival Brewing Company creates vibrant, interesting and sometimes unusual small batch beer. We are inspired by outstanding drinks created by our favourite breweries, heritage recipes and methods, and ideas that have woken us up in the middle of the night.

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ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 65

OG: 1.060

YEAST: Nottingham


Bold roasty flavours with a creamy head, silky mouthfeel and lasting dark chocolate bitterness. We're really proud of this porter and we will be producing a slightly different variation each season to reflect the changes to weather and tastes.

Robust Porter


ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 40

OG: 1.044


SERVED: Keg, can, cask and wood

Our house oatmeal stout features a creamy, bold mouthfeel, black appearance and chocolate flavours. We use a complex blend of seven speciality malts, wheat and malted oats to create a memorable and tasty sessionable stout.

Illustration by Eliza Griffin

Oatmeal Stout


ABV: 7.8%

IBU: 88

OG: 1.075

YEAST: Carnival house IPA blend


Our first DIPA and one we're super proud of. It's made in the North of England (NoEIPA) style, using a good charge of bittering hops to make sure your tastebuds know you're drinking something special. We used some of our favourite Australasian hops to maximise juicyness and loads of high protein wheat to enhance mouthfeel and lacing.

Double IPA


Alfonso Sour label.jpg

ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 6

OG: 1.042


SERVED: Keg and can

The beer that really kicked things off! We brewed a spritzy, lemon-tinged kettle soured berliner weiss, which is less mouth puckering and more balanced. Once fermented with a neutral yeast strain we conditioned the beer on lots of mango puree and dry-hopped with our favourite hop, Mosaic. The resulting beer is a refreshing sour, beloved by everyone who drinks it.


We took part in Twitter's #CraftBeerHouse promoting Liverpool Craft Beer Week. Here's a little review of Alfonso


Illustration by Eliza Griffin 

Mango Sour


Transformer pump clip3.png

ABV: 5.6%

IBU: 40

OG: 1.054

YEAST: Nottingham

SERVED: Keg, cask and can

A beer which appeared in a dream. Imagine a pale ale that tastes like a stout but has a subtle nutty aroma and taste created by using the glorious pistachio (hence why MACAU is not suitable for people with nut allergies).


Our challenge is to create exciting flavours without using any artificial ingredients. Our method was to produce a pistachio tincture and blend this with a coffee infused pale ale which was brewed with litres of oat milk, lots of rolled oats and torrified wheat to create a smooth, silky and incredibly drinkable 'white stout'. As you can probably tell, we're quite proud of MACAU and will be rebrewing it. 

Oat Cream Pistachio Pale


ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 24

OG: 1.041

YEAST: Saflager

SERVED: Keg, bottles

Created for our friends at the Smithdown Social Club, this classic pilsner is inspired by the German lager tradition using a long cold conditioning time, to give the pilsner a clean and crisp flavour with a slightly bitter taste which lingers on the tongue. Like all of our beers this pilsner is unfined and very slightly hazy with a golden hue. 



ABV: 5.8%

IBU: 25

OG: 1.052

YEAST: Belgian Ale 


Our take on the classic sour ales of the Flanders region of northern Belgium. We love the classic aged flanders red ale styles and for this beer we've soured and fermented the wort using a mixed Belgian ale culture, then finished for four months in oak barrels. 

The clear amber appearance, low carbonation and clean sour flavours make this a pleasant and very drinkable beer which we're very proud of and will be making again.

Barrel Aged Flemish Amber Ale


ABV: 7.8%

IBU: 40

OG: 1.072

YEAST: Conan  


We love our IPAs. Soft, juicy, intense and hazy as hell! We will have a regular hazy IPA available at all times. This is our offer for March 2019 and uses a low flocculating new yeast strain based on the famous Conan English Ale yeast made famous by The Alchemist. 

For DEEP IN THE WOODS Double IPA we added a small amount of bittering hops in the boil then added loads of Amarillo in the whirlpool then added more Amarillo in the fermenter before pitching the yeast.  

During active fermentation we added massive amounts of Wai-iti and Simcoe Cryo. The resulting beer is soft and juicy, with lemon sherbet, lime, orange, roasted pineapple and piney aromas.

Double IPA


ABV: 4.4%

IBU: 32

OG: 1.046

YEAST: S04  


Our cask only series of fruit forward pale ales, PUNCH is an exciting and vibrant beer which places fruit and hop combinations at the forefront. 

This first iteration uses masses of pineapple puree with just enough passionfruit to give a slight sour after taste. PUNCH #1 uses loads of Mosaic and Amarillo in the whirlpool and dry hopping, with a bit of lactose to add a milkshake mouthfeel. 



ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 30

OG: 1.060

YEAST: Saison blend  


The first saison in our starting line-up, brewed for the spring. DES ABEILLES is made with pale rye malt, to enhance the spicy aromas from the saison blend yeast.


Brewed with wildflower honey at the end of the boil and fermented at a high temperature to bring out the clove and spice characteristics of the yeast, DES ABEILLES is finished off with 'dry hopping' using copious amounts of fresh thyme grown in Merseyside. Carbonation is spritzy to bring out the earthy aromatics of the thyme. 



ABV: 7%

IBU: 20

OG: 1.070

YEAST: London 3  


A rich and punchy New England IPA style beer, featuring an all-star cast of hops, including: Magnum, Amarillo, Mosaic, HPA Exp 35 and the magnificent Sabro.


Combined with the London 3 ale yeast, the flavours dance to a raucous beat of super tropical and floral aromas, melon and coconut with a hazy bright orange appearance and soft carbonation.

New England IPA  



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